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Lye soap made by my grandmother is one of my childhood memories yet making soap was not something I had thought about doing until my dad asked me to make him some like hers. I had taught myself how to make bread, jams, and jellies so I figured I could do this, too. After some research, I set out for supplies. My first batch was made with lard and lye - simple, old-fashion Lye soap.
Little did I know that I would become addicted to the process! After weeks of reading and talking to other soap makers, daily soap making followed, new recipes were tried, and I was hooked! When my soap was ready, I fell in love with the way my skin felt after using it. After 3 years no one in my family uses commercial soap. Even though I work full-time as a rural Kentucky letter carrier, my free time is comsumed with soap making and creating other natural body products.
I firmly believe that some of the disease in our world is a direct result of the chemicals we come into contact with every day. With this thought in mind I began to experiment with all of the natural ingredients and natural oils available to produce chemical free products.