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Angela's BIO

Angela DeLancy
, Boonchie Natural Soaps

My love affair with the art of soap making began in earnest back in the year 2000. Frustrated with the harsh cleaning chemicals on the market and concerned about their effect on my skin, I was determined to create my own products. So, desirous of really good quality skin care and environmentally friendly products, I pulled a book out of my library that I had purchased years earlier on soap making. Real soap making, the way my ancestors made soap, became what I sought after.

The night I made my first batch I was hooked. Up all night, I could hardly wait for the soap to set. When I finally released the soap from the mold, it was the most beautiful block of Olive Oil Castile Soap I had ever seen. I�ve long ago surpassed the first batch and have advanced to making soaps to order. There is no end to what can be learned about our largest organ�the skin, and as I learn these things I will continue to share them with you and apply this knowledge to my skin care products. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them.